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Making Wind Power Predictable

by Txchnologist Staff

Wind power has just become a smarter alternative.

GE is hooking up sensor-laden turbines to the Industrial Internet and batteries, creating an intelligent power-harvesting system that can store energy when the breeze picks up and release it when the gale goes still.

The company’s “brilliant”  2.5-120 wind turbine’s technology package harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet to analyze tens of thousands of data points every second. This helps manage wind variability, and provides reliable, short-term predictable power, while communicating with neighboring turbines, service technicians, and operators.

This revolutionary design integrates GE’s advanced Durathon Battery technology with three software applications. The resulting intelligent system enables power producers and the wind turbines themselves to make data-informed decisions and provide short-term predictable power.

Click through to see pictures of the new installed turbines and an infographic on how the system works.

GE and Invenergy announced on May 1 that Invenergy has ordered three units as part of an 86-turbine deal for its Mills County, Texas, wind farm. 

“With rapid expansion of the United States wind industry over the past five years, wind power plays an increasingly important role in America’s energy mix,” said Keith Longtin, general manager, wind product line for GE’s renewable energy business. “This new marriage of battery storage and advanced software within a wind turbine allows forward-thinking wind energy producers like Invenergy to shift the winds in its favor – increasing wind power’s efficiency and short-term predictability.”

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