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Smart Machines Building Efficient Hospitals

by Txchnologist Staff

Hospitals are getting smarter as more and more machines start talking to each other. When sensor-mounted hospital beds can tell asset management software where they are, it means resources are available when patients need them.

GE Healthcare’s AgileTrac patient-tracking solution delivers a real-time view of how hospital resources are working, at any point in time, to care for a patient. AgileTrac uses real-time location system technology and sophisticated applications to track the physical location of each patient, asset and hospital staff member. It communicates with the facility’s clinical and business systems, such as the electronic medical record and enterprise resource-planning software. AgileTrac creates a live network throughout the hospital through wi-fi, radio frequency and infrared wireless communications.

In April 2012, a large hospital in Florida implemented . Since then, the time that its patients spend waiting in the emergency department has been reduced by 68 percent.

Time can be the most valuable resource in a hospital, and GE is committed to seeing that it’s spent as efficiently as possible.

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