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A Can That Wants Your Trash

by Txchnologist Staff

Here is the autonomous Smart Trash Can created by Minoru Kurata, who makes robots and futuristic home appliances as a hobby.

The small receptacle connects wirelessly to a computer, which uses a 3-D camera to analyze the trajectory of thrown objects. A motorized undercarriage moves the can to catch the tossed garbage.

While he is still working to improve the system’s 10-20 percent success rate of catching trash, he tells that he’s already received inquiries about commercializing it.

See it in action after the jump.

"Even making full use of the current sensor, it still has errors," says Kurata, whose day job is an engineer at a Japanese automaker. "So I’d like to improve the success rate. I want to either improve the sensor, or upgrade the control by reducing the error through a program."

Still, judges at the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival were sufficiently impressed with the prototype and honored him with an excellence award for the device.

Top Image: Screen capture from video. Courtesy

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