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Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison!


by Txchnologist Staff

Thomas Alva Edison would be 166 years old today.

We’ve pulled out a short comic from the Txchnologist vault to celebrate the birthday of the inventor whose name is on 1,093 patents, including the phonograph (1877), the first practical electric lightbulb (1879), and the first motion picture camera patented in the United States (1888).

See it after the jump.


Maki Naro of created this comic to commemorate Edison’s improvements to the electric lightbulb.

A successful businessman as well as one of the world’s most prolific inventors, Edison received patents for brand new machines and improvements to others that already existed. He garnered patents for new ideas about batteries, cement, electric light and power, mining and ore milling, motion pictures, phonographs and sound recording, metals processing, and telegraphy and telephony.

Top Image: “Prof. Edison and His Phonograph,” from the digital archives of the New York Public Library.

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